SCOUNDRELS Liar Liar Pants on Fire Review Episode 3

This show may share similarities with another well known television show, The Good Wife: husband behind bars, loyal wife turning her life around, kids finding their footing sans papa. But The Good Wife, Scoundrels is not. Rarely would you hear Chris Noth telling his daughter and wife that Victoria Secret models have nothing on my girls This may make you gag, but hold the bile in, it gets better. The eldest brother of the West family, Logan, passes himself off as half Native American Indian except he's so Aryan he could have been genetically constructed by Hitler's goons. And his name is Logan West. His sister Hope happens to be fluent in some American Indian dialect. He is also put in charge - pardon me, he is the sole lawyer - for a landmark case. What that case is, I haven't quite figured out beyond it involving Native Americans, but even a DUI charge would probably get you at least an experienced lawyer and a law clerk. Meanwhile the slutty blonde sister (thankfully, even if the plots are ridiculous, the characters are original) Heather has slept with her mother's married friend who has wisely offered her mother a job in his company whilst he ships his wife off to Paris. All of this takes place before the titles roll.

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