Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 3, Episode 13 - Northern Lights

Joey helps Pacey rehearse the lines for the upcoming premiere of the school play, and Pacey asks Joey to come to the premiere. Joey says she can't because AJ has already invited her to a gathering, where some intellectuals will be watching the Northern Lights, something that is rarely seen that far south. Pacey is visibly upset and he tries to talk Joey out of it, pretending it's just friendly concern about her safety. The next day, Joey is about to be picked up by AJ at her house. Pacey comes over and still tries to stop Joey, but she still disregards his objections. AJ picks her up, and they go to the gathering. The Northern Lights can't be seen because of clouds, and AJ suggests they just take a walk instead. At first, AJ brings up a lot of intellectual subjects, but suddenly he kisses Joey. The kiss is mutual and passionate, but right after it Joey says she needs to leave. Jen notices that Henry is avoiding her. When she confronts him, he says he feels she's been avoiding him. Henry thinks it's because she wants to cancel their dinner date. Jen says she doesn't want to cancel it, but she needs to postpone it, since she has to go to the premiere in order to give Pacey much-needed friendly support. Henry suggests they go to the play together. The play director gets sick, and Andie becomes an acting director. She panics, but Jack offers his help. The play is supposed to start in 20 minutes, but Pacey is nowhere to be found. Dawson finds Pacey on the basketball court. Pacey is visibly nervous, and Dawson tells him not to be afraid to do what he likes doing (that is, acting), but rather to enjoy it. Pacey reluctantly agrees, and then tells Dawson about Joey and AJ's date. Now Dawson gets a little nervous, even though he tries not to show it. The play is about to start. Jen introduces Henry to Grams, and they all sit together. Pacey appears at the last moment. Andie is mad at him, but tells him to go on stage. Still reluctant, Pacey goes on.

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