Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 3, Episode 15 - Crime and Punishment

Joey paints a mural that “exemplifies the unity and school spirit of Capeside High”. Pacey, having been kicked out of his bedroom by wayward family members, comes to watch her paint, and good-naturedly criticizes her avant-garde approach.

Dawson tries to sneak a peek at Joey’s mural, but Joey tells him to wait. Andie hands down punishment to Matt Caulfield for cheating on a test. Principal Green tells Andie that her superior PSAT scores put her in the running for a National Merit Scholarship. Pacey moves in with his brother, Officer Doug, who is none too thrilled at the arrangement. Everyone gathers at Capeside High where the students introduce their murals. Joey’s mural has been completely defaced.

Joey runs off, and Dawson and Pacey follow. Dawson encourages her to stay calm and objective, while Pacey insists that Joey was singled out for a reason. Joey tells them to stay out of it. Andie tells Jack that she’s quitting the disciplinary committee, but she does not give a reason. Dawson shows up at the Potter Bed & Breakfast, where Joey dismisses the vandalism as if it didn’t matter. Dawson encourages her to re-paint the mural, but Joey refuses. At school the next day, Pacey discovers the most likely culprit of the vandalism - Matt Caulfield. Pacey warns him to apologize to Joey before the end of the school day. Later, Pacey and Matt get into a fistfight and both are hauled into Principal Green’s office.

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