Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 3, Episode 16 - To Green, With Love

Pacey encourages Joey to publicly support Principal Green. Joey, talking with A.J. on the phone, sees herself quoted out of context on the news and gets upset. A.J. suggests organizing a protest so that Joey's opinions can be heard. The next day at school, Joey puts up posters for a protest. Pacey meets A.J., who is there to help. Principal Green arrives at school amidst angry protesters.

Gale notes the inept journalism regarding coverage of the incident. Dawson suggests she do her own coverage and offers to be her one-man camera crew. Joey leads the picketing at the superintendent's office. Mr. Fielding, the superintendent, asks her to stop, but Joey improvises and says they have a petition and a rally on the agenda. Dawson and Gale ask Principal Green to tell his side of the story, but he declines. The Potter house is packed as everyone helps Joey produce the petition and plan the rally, but Bessie is worried when she gets a phone call threatening the business of the B&B.

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