LEVERAGE The Double Blind Job Review Season 3, Episode 5

The Double Blind Job was the fifth episode of LEVERAGE. A drug company providing toxic medicine to its consumers finds itself target of the leverage team when a sister of one of the victims seeks help and of course Nate and his crew are more than happy to oblige.

Into its third season, Leverage has defined its characters well past their original place names of grifter, hitter, thief and so on. The cast is uniformly excellent, though Aldis Hodge stands out as the most charismatic of a pretty charming bunch. This episode once again reminded us of Nathan's inability to let go of his vendetta against big corporations who caused the death of his son. His determination to punish them is reminiscent of some sort of Robin Hood with hi-tech gadgets. It wasn't overly dramatized, but a quick argument between him and Sophie (Hutton and Bellman have great chemistry together) was enough to ensure the continuity of his emotional turmoil. It was a fun episode for the most part, particularly due to some excellent comedy provided by Eliot who has to seduce a woman from the FDA to buy the rest of the team more time.

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