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The Rocker: What Happened?

Judging by The Rocker's abysmal Box-Office performance this weekend (it opened at #12 with 2.8 million dollars)...I've got to ask:

What happened?

Was the movie that terrible? Is Rainn Wilson not a box-office draw whatsoever? Poor marketing?

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| 02:08 EDT, 26 Aug, 2008
I think more likely than the "Will Ferrell fever", is that this movie just wasn't advertised well, I just happened to come across it on the internet about a month ago and only because I noticed Rainn Wilson was in it. I saw one trailer for the movie before it's release and not one in the theater. I'm not going to say the movie was amazing, but if someone goes into it thinking they are going to enjoy the film, then they will enjoy. Just Don't go into it go into this movie thinking it's the next "This is Spinal Tap".
| 20:46 EDT, 25 Aug, 2008
I fear that Rainn Wilson has already caught "Will Ferrell fever." Will Ferrell is wonderfully fantastic, but after a few movies, he really just did whatever sounded kind of funny and made a whole movie out of it because, hey, he's Will Ferrell, right?? Well, sort of. And so, Rainn Wilson is already well-loved, but I fear this movie may just have happened because, hey, people like Rainn Wilson.

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