Recap - Modern Family 1.15 "My Funky Valentine"

If you missed last week's lunar inspired episode of Modern Family, check out a recap here.

"My Funky Valentine" opens, aptly, on Valentine's Day. At the Dunphy home, Claire and Phil exchange sweet cards. Phil informs Claire that he has made their annual (for the last 17 years!) reservation at Fratelli's. Phil can't hide his excitement, "Hello cannoli canoe!" At their home, Jay compliments Gloria on her choice of a new track jacket for him, and gives her a beautiful set of earrings. But Jay has another surprise for her. Is it salsa dancing like Gloria has been asking for? Nope. It's tickets to see legendary comic David Brenner! Gloria's not so sure she wants to go see someone just tell jokes. Jay informs her that he doesn't tell jokes. Brenner's an observational comic. Gloria asks if he at least has a mallet. When Jay answers in the negative, Gloria is dumbfounded, "How does he get hit in the head if he doesn't have a mallet? Jay explains that he and Gloria come from different generations. Jay jokes that Gloria thinks Simon and Garfunkel are Jay's lawyers. When Gloria says she doesn't get the joke, Jay deadpans "Maybe she'd get it if I had a mallet." "I wish I had a mallet right now!" Gloria retorts. At the Tucker-Pritchett home, Mitchell is preparing his closing remarks for a big case. Cameron enters and wishes him a Happy Valentine's Day. When Mitchell doesn't look up, he says Happy Valentine's Day for Lily. Mitchell finally looks up to see Lily dressed up as Cupid, complete with large feather wings. Cameron sees that Mitchell is unimpressed. "I spent a lot of time on this," Cameron tells Mitchell. "I don't see how. You just cut up one of your feather boas," Mitchell replies. Mitchell apologizes for his attitude; he's just very nervous about the case. Plus, it's not like Lily's costume is unique - Cameron dresses her up for every holiday. In fact, the last time Mitchell gave Lily a bath, she still had a little bit of Martin Luther King Day behind her ears.

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