January Jones' Mad Men contract and other news

When we last saw Betty Draper, she was on a plane to Reno with Henry Francis by her side. Was that the end of her story, especially since Don Draper's undoubtedly going to go on without her? Well, Matthew Weiner doesn't like to give away much about the future, but January Jones has renewed her contract with Mad Men.

Weiner confirmed it and spoke about some other bits and pieces from the Mad Men finale. He was in a giving mood. It wasn't just the holiday season, either. Mad Men had a great week in award nominations -- Golden Globes, Writers Guild and Screen Actors Guild.

First, Betty -- I mean January. According to Weiner, "January's contract has been renewed." As for Betty as a character, Weiner referred to one of his writers, Lisa Albert, explaining that the relationship with Henry is crucial to Betty. "Betty will go through this process while learning the least amount possible." Despite the fact that Betty and Henry have yet to make love, they are heading to a wedding. It seems improbable in today's sensibility, but Weiner's story is set in 1963.

Why would Betty want Henry? "He's a handsome guy who says, 'You'll never have to work again.' A lot of women like that. ... Henry has been good to her, and I think she knows what he's about, and he's a very exciting person for her. I think he's the anti-Don in the sense that he seems very grounded. All I can tell you is that, as a pregnant woman, when he treated her sexually at a party, something happened in her brain chemistry."

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