Caprica 1.04 "Reins of a Waterfall" Recap

Last week, I said that everyone had moved on from the train bombing except for the Adamas, Lacy, the Graystones, and other mourners. But this week it is a different story.

After Amanda Graystone's outburst at the memorial service, everyone and anything associated with Zoe Graystone is up for damnation and the citizens of New Caprica are parched for blood. Amanda, after either being fired or turning in her resignation (I lean toward the former), has a bottle thrown at her, resulting in a gash on the corner of her forehead. Meanwhile, Lacy is taunted at school by students, including one guy named Keon Gadwick. Baxtor Sarno (special guest star Patton Oswalt), Caprica's answer to Jay Leno, uses the revelation to spin jokes on a nightly basis. Daniel Graystone blows off steam at a boxing gym while Cyrus gives him the rundown on the hell the company is about to go through due to Sarno's commentary and the outcries of the public. Stocks are plummeting and sales are going down due to boycotts of Graystone products. But Daniel doesn't care. He will not try to please the public about something that he, including all of them, don't know the facts about. Cyrus mentions bringing in a PR, but Daniel still remains bullheaded on the subject. But as he leaves the gym, Daniel is attacked by Sam Adama, who beats the crap out of him… while Joseph Adama watches. After the beatdown, Joseph demands to see Tamara again and after that his wife, Shannon. But Daniel says he can't make an avatar due to the program belonging to Zoe. Joseph pretty much says that he doesn't care about the BS, but that he knows that Tamara still exists and that Daniel better run a diagnostic or something, because it will be curtains if Daniel doesn't uphold Joseph's wishes.

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