Secret Diary of a Call Girl - Season 3: "Episode 2" Review

Two seasons ago Belle would have had no problem spending a half-hour discussing the pros and cons of fantasy as it relates to her profession, but now that a successful book, a solo career independent of a 'Madame' and a new roommate have complicated her life, things just don't go as planned. Rather than speaking of exotic dreamscapes filled with romance and intrigue, we had choppy pieces of narration broken up by a needy sister and an apparently race-conscious Bambi. Overall, the episode wasn't bad, it just took on a few too many issues to make a cohesive whole.

For starters, Bambi has never been written as a complex character. Her simple perspective often highlights Belle's elaborate narratives, but she has never been able to carry as scene on her own. Sadly, her quarrel with pimp 'Stephanie' in "Episode 2" was no different: Bringing race to the forefront of a 3-minute scene opened up a world of controversy, but actress Ashley Madekwe simply cannot pull off a smart, racial conversation no matter how loudly she yells. The worst part about this scene was that I am not sure if I could/would have pinned 'Bambi' as black, so when she asked to move up to Belle's "nightly rate" it did not occur to me that it was anything other than her scrawny figure that was holding her back, and I certainly never saw a racial issue coming. Stephanie could have left her description at "common" and that would have been enough, but when she threw in "black" I nearly fell off the couch. Where are they hoping to take this? It won't bode well to give Bambi more scenes independent of Belle, she is just not leading-lady material.

Thankfully, the majority of the episode dealt with the return of Jackie, Belle's sister. She came to live with Belle after she caught her husband cheating and decided to move out. Formerly, Jackie had been Belle's foil. She was the upright, and uptight, daughter that their parents clearly preferred. But a few days with Belle brought out the best (and worst) in her and by the end of the episode she was drinking with queens and straddling Ben.

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Aug 21, 2012 4:24AM EDT

Bambi is going to surprise you all and I m glad they are giving the character and actress some more meat to chew the scenery with.

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