Top Chef: Preview of Episode 12 "Strip Around the World"

Hey how about it on Top Chef? The 11th episode on the 11th day of the 11th month? Coincidence? Tonight on the Bravo cooking show, it's back to regular programming after the "all-star dinner" last week. On "Strip Around the World" the six remaining chefs are tasked to create the perfect breakfast in bed for Nigella Lawson, an English food writer, journalist, and Padma Lakshmi.

As for the show's elimination challenge, they must prepare small plates inspired by Vegas casinos (this is after all Top Chef: Las Vegas). So they go through some of Sin City's most famous casinos in the Vegas strip to come up with a winning dish.

The remaining contestants include the V brothers Bryan and Michael, Jennifer, Kevin, Eli, and Robin, whom I'm sure everyone is surprised to find at this level. The last guy eliminated was arrogant loudmouth Mike I, who was sent home during the Natalie Portman vegetarian episode.

Everyone's predicting that Robin is definitely the next to go, but as we have seen in the last episode, that girl can dodge bullets. Pit against this season's best, however, let's see how she fares. Or maybe vegan-hating Eli should go first?

On the last episode of Top Chef, meanwhile, it's a sort of reunion special, but they 11 returning chefs didn't just sit on couches to discuss the past season. There was an actual challenge involved, like their old days on the Bravo cooking show.

Fabio hosted the affair, and some people didn't like his prying (cough Marcel cough), and the attendees include Harold Dieterle, Marcel Vigneron, Ilan Hall, Dale Levitski, Casey Thompson, Hung Huynh, Richard Blais, Carla Hall, and Stefan Richter. Probably one of the more anticipated things that was resolved in the episode was the Carla and Casey in the finals saga.

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