Human Target: "Run" Review Episode 5

As Human Target keeps rolling along, we learn more and more about our intrepid trio of heroes. Winston left the force to pursue a life of do-gooding, Guerrero gets more badass every episode, and there seems to be no job our man Chance can't handle. So far he's proven fluent in Russian, Japanese, medicine, and legal cases. But this episode also showed us that the series can indeed have some mis-steps, and rely on the old action show cliches a little too much.

This episode has Chance, Guerrero and Winston looking after Allyson, the Assistant District Attorney. She's under fire from some unsavory folks who want to keep her from striking a plea deal with a notorious mobster. This story actually has a more convoluted plot than previous episodes. The other episodes followed a fairly simple formula: introduce the client, introduce the situation, discover the bad guys, watch the good guys win. But this one has a few more turns in it, with Allyson serving as a red herring for a bit as we learn of some suspicious amounts of money in her bank account, then the surprise realization that the mobster she's meeting with is actually her father. The story keeps you guessing during the whole, fast-paced trip.

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