Kate Plus 8: Jon to Countersue TLC, Wants $5 million

It's as if Jon is treating ]]TLC]] like he's treating Kate Gosselin, because it looks like we have another battle in store for us. We previously reported that the network that housed Jon & Kate plus 8 has already filed its lawsuit against the reality TV dad. Now, he's proven that he won't be going down without a fight.

Radar Online claims that Jon Gosselin and his legal team have decided to countersue the TLC network for their allegations, asking for $5 million. He's planning to file his own lawsuit, but on what grounds?

Behind Mike and Mark Heller, Jon's legal party, the Jon and Kate Plus 8 father is still pushing through with their assertions against TLC. They believe that Jon Gosselin was not adequately represented when he signed his contract with the network.

It's one of the issues that TLC is targeting the guy for. They've been maintaining that Jon and Kate did have legal representation during that time, and had undergone several renegotiations of the contract already.

Another argument that Jon might use, Radar Online says, is directed to the document he signed. He might claim that the contract was being too restrictive, hindering him from earning a living on his own. Of course, this refers to his numerous appearances outside of Jon and Kate Plus 8, another offense that TLC has listed against him.

Jon Gosselin will be facing a preliminary injunction on December 14, to be held in a court in Maryland. The publication goes on to report that he still does not have formal representation in that state, because Heller is not licensed to practice there. Also, there has been no paperwork in Montgomery County Circuit Court stating who will stand for the Jon and Kate Plus 8 patriarch.

With all those problems, it doesn't seem as though Jon Gosselin is likely to win the case. But surely, he'll be spending plenty of time in court to settle all this at last - if he can. He hasn't even made peace with Kate yet; now he's making yet another enemy. It's going to take forever for this to wrap up.

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