So You Think You Can Dance: Top 16 Perform, Live Thoughts

It's time for the top 16 dancers to take the stage and it is FINALLY time for America to have a say in who will be crowned America's Favorite Dancer. In my opinion, that means the competition really gets started tonight. You never know who America is going to love or hate and we'll finally have an inking about what couple has captured America's heart and claimed their dialing finger. Beyond finally voting, I'm eagerly awaiting being completely wowed by a performance tonight, because it just hasn't happened yet. (Then again, I half blame the stage.)

Watch along with me tonight as the top 16 take the stage, we're introduced to a bevy of new choreographers, a couple new dance styles, and we have a say in who dances for their lives tomorrow night. As always, you can follow along with me right here and in 140 characters or less on BuddyTV's awesome So You Think You Can Dance Twitter.

Alright Top 16, I am ready to be impressed. You're going to have to do it, because Cat Deeley's snake skin dress and fashionable faux hawk (really) did not. I would pay to pull her aside and have a chat about abusing animal print. Lucky for Cat her dress is far overshadowed in awfulness by Ashleigh's oh-my-god-cha-cha-pants, they're not just fringe, they're like covered in leaves. They may give me nightmares, luckily those will be calmed by her husbands gratuitous bare chested solo.

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