Review: 'Men of a Certain Age' - 'You Gonna Do That the Rest of Your Life' Episode 8

Things are rarely as we think they are in life and on this show. Each guy has an idea about the other, but it's never as simple as they think it is. So this week we learned that Joe's bookie is a sore loser and perhaps a catalyst. We also learned that everything doesn't always go Terry's way, no matter how often he seems to luck into things. And Owen's diabetes is conflicting with his appetite.

The dichotomy with Joe is that for all his positive qualities, he's a neurotic guy. The slightest stuff gets to him. He can't let it go. His obsessing about the dead woman's apartment and what her life had been was very real. Even on the golf course, it was on his mind. Oh sure, it took getting pissed off at the bigotry displayed by the other guys to get him focused on the game at hand, but after the game, he was right back on the old woman. He was the old woman. Manfro suggesting he seize the opportunity and get on the senior tour before it was too late drove home the point. At least Joe is thinking about it now.

The old woman's death created an opportunity for Terry. From Owen's perspective, Terry's good fortune was typical and undeserved. He was seething with envy which is pretty funny considering that Owen seems to have everything most men would want -- a loving wife and children, a lovely home, family. Sure his father is a pain, but does Owen really want Terry's life? The bad eating would suggest that he's acting out, being self-destructive. He said it was control issues, but was it really?

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