The Vampire Diaries: "Memory Lane" Review Season 2, Episode 4

While Katherine forces Stefan to take a walk down "Memory Lane" and confront some difficult truths, Damon spends his time creating a new enemy out of Mason Lockwood. I'm not sure why Damon thinks he needs more enemies; he seems to have plenty of them already.

Tackling her usual role of Elena, as well as present-day and flashback versions of Katherine, Nina Dobrev once again does an excellent job shifting back and forth between the characters. Kudos to the makeup department as well - in the opening scene, when Katherine is pretending to be Elena with Stefan, there is enough difference in Dobrev's makeup to give those in the audience who are paying close attention a sense that there is something not quite right about the scene. What I like best about Dobrev's performance is that she is able to be menacing. Katherine's threat to Stefan that she will attack Elena's friends and family, and then Elena herself, is convincing enough that Stefan should have killed her right then and there. Of course, it is much too early in the season for that sort of action.

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