Recap Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: Season 4, Episode 6 - Two Men and a Baby

Nemesis, the former Goddess of retribution, is fleeing from a group of soldiers who are intent on catching her and her baby. As one of the men capture Nemesis as she flees across a river, she drops the baby's basket into the river and it floats away toward a waterfall. She manages to escape and begins firing arrows at the men as the baby continues to float away. She mounts a horse and rides after the baby, but is too late as she watches it go over the edge. Elsewhere Hercules and Iolaus are catching some fish to eat, and Hercules find the baby in the basket. As he shows the baby to Iolaus Nemesis comes and takes the baby, Evander, telling Hercules that he is their child.

Hercules asks Iolaus to look after the baby while he and Nemesis have a talk. Hercules asks why Nemesis kept Evander a secret from him for so long and that she should have told him sooner. When they return to the camp they find Iolaus entertaining Evander by pulling faces. As the two men sit to cath more fish, Evander levitates some small rocks and begins throwing them at the two men, each thinking that the other had thrown the rock. Nemesis tells Evander that she must leave him with Hercules to lead the soldiers away from him, telling him that Hercules will look after him. After being away for a long time Hercules and Iolaus look for her and find only Evander.

Ares sends Discord and his soldiers after Nemesis and Evander. Nemesis rides through the woods, Discord appears and causes the horse to buck, sending Nemesis to the ground, knocking her unconscious. When she wakes Discord questions her as to the whereabouts of the baby, she refuses to answer. The men take her back to village. Hercules and Iolaus walk along with Evander, who begins floating Iolaus. In the village Nemesis and Discord have a talk while the confused villagers look on Nemesis appears to be talking to herself. Hercules and Iolaus arrive in the village in time to see Nemesis being tied to a stake, ready to be burned. As Hercules fight the guards, Discord gets a torch and begins to burn Nemesis. Hercules saves Nemesis from the flames and tells her they need to talk.

Later that night, Nemesis tells Hercules the truth about the baby: She lied and Ares is his real father. She apologises for lying to Hercules, she explains that she only gave Ares a son because he promised that he would make her a god again. She now feels that she does not want to be a god again as they do not feel love. She tells Hercules about the god-like powers that Evander has inherited from Ares. If Ares were to take Evander, her would raise him evil. Ares convinces Discord that Evander will one day be able to kill Hercules, and Discord believes that Evander is Hercules' son. While Hercules and Evander go for a walk, they meet Ares.

As Hercules and Ares argue, he hears Nemesis scream, Hercules goes running and finds her and Iolaus hanging over the edge of a cliff tied to some rope. Discord discovers that Evander is Ares' son and uses her powers to snap some of the rope. Ares demands the baby, Hercules hands the baby over to him and as the rope snaps saves his friends from falling to their deaths. In Ares' castle, the head guard complains to the other guards about the job. Discord comes and takes the baby she runs to the top of the castle wall and throws him off, but Hercules catches him. Discord and Nemesis fight and Evander levitates a huge rock into Discord's head, knocking her over the castle wall. Hercules fight with Ares, who eventually gives up on the child and leaves the baby with Nemesis. Nemesis thanks both Iolaus and Hercules for protecting both her and Evander. Hercules tells Evander that he will one day realise he is different from other people and that difference is what makes him special and that he can use that to make a difference, and that he will always be there to help him.

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