"An Honest Mistake" Recap

Previously on Grey's Anatomy: Addison arrived and after Derek cured her brother, she started consulting on a case of a pregnant woman with brain problems. Derek made a small mistake and accidentally caused a bleed in her brain.

Tonight the epic Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice crossover comes to a close. Your normal Grey's recapper Debbie Chang is off at a fancy party with The Bachelor's Jason Mesnick, so look forward to some cool exclusive scoop on Jason in the next few days.

Now to Grey's Anatomy, where Meredith tells us about how normal people look at doctors like gods. The big problem comes when the doctors start seeing themselves like that, as Derek (Patrick Dempsey) is undoubtedly doing.

The pregnant woman with the word salad needs emergency surgery, but her husband tells Derek and Addison that if they're forced to choose, they should save his wife and let the baby die.

During the surgery, things go wrong for the mom, but Derek still feels guilty for his mistake so he does everything he can, including cutting out large chunks of her brain. Addison (Kate Walsh) thinks the woman is dead and wants to remove the baby, so she threatens to perform a C-section while Derek prepares to cut out the mom's frontal lobe. It's a Mexican stand-off with scalpels instead of guns.

The Chief arrives to settle it and he sides with Addison. She cuts out the premie while Derek looks on with the sudden realization that he's not a god. When they tell the husband, Derek can't bring himself to say anything other than “I'm sorry.” The husband gets furious and calls Derek a murderer. In his defense, he's not totally wrong. If Derek spent more time looking at the brain and less time teasing Lexie about her Doomsday Sucker, he wouldn't be in this mess.

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