Review: 'How I Met Your Mother' - 'The Perfect Week' Season 5, Episode 14

Even if you haven't been as lucky in the sack as Barney Stinson, having an accomplished play-by-play guy talk about the ups and downs of your romantic escapades lends things a bit of gravitas and class.

However the 'HIMYM' writing team came up with the idea of how a nervous Barney recounts his perfect week in his own head, it was an inspired move, as it gave the episode the right narrative pull and really did put you in the position of a fan, pulling for him and making sure he didn't get jinxed. Did I just say that word?

Nantz was a pretty good sport; you don't usually see a guy at his level of blow-driedness spout phrases like "... and not a single fattie!" and not sound like he's in on the joke. Though all I could think of when Nantz delivered some of his more supportive lines was his divorce and his much-younger girlfriend. Ah, well. That just proves I read The Big Lead and Deadspin just too damn much.

There was something for every member of the 'Mother' gang this week; in fact, I wish at least a couple of the stories were better developed. Didn't you want to see more of Robin pining after the nerdy Smurf-loving date simply because he didn't call her back? Didn't you want to hear more about how it seemed like 4/5ths of the gang shared one toothbrush for the better part of a year -- and that Ted, Marshall and Lily accidentally shared one for eight? In fact, didn't you want to explore the whole "Marshall and Lily share a toothbrush and are OK with it?" storyline? Right, so did I.

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Feb 3, 2010 3:32AM EST

After a few rather so-so episodes, this one was truely inspired. The post-game interview style with Jim Nantz to lead the episode forward was brilliant, and the "perfect game" baseball methaphors were so well thought out and used just enough as to not be overdone. I laughed so hard when Ted went over to Barney in the bar and had the Manager/Pitcher conversation about who he was going to try for #7..."High and Outside." Also, lately I have found that the main character of the episode's story is good, but the supporting character's plots are irrlevant and lazy, but this one actually delivered those nicely as well, and found a way to tie them all back into the main storyline of Barney. Loved this episode, one of the top ten best HIMYM.

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