The Big Bang Theory: "The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification" Review

I had no idea how much I missed The Big Bang Theory until it returned last week. Truly, there are very few shows that make me laugh loud enough to scare my rabbit. And now that I know the meaning of this week's title, "The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification," I'm giggling just thinking about it. Yes, I admit it. I find fart jokes funny. Sue me.

This week we had Sheldon upset because his life expectancy was just short of the projected date that humans will achieve singularity, or the ability to put our puny brains into shiny robot bodies. To prolong his lifespan, Sheldon embarked on a health kick, including jogging with Penny and throwing out his regular food schedule to eat veggies. When that comes to it's inevitable conclusion, he realized he might be a bit too fragile for this sort of thing. In the meantime, he created "Shelbot," a video screen of his face on a moving frame with a Green Lantern shirt on a hanger. He sends his robot body out into the world while he stays safe and healthy on his bed.

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