Review: 'Damages' - 'The Dog is Happier Without Her' Season 3, Episode 2

The questions kept flying tonight on 'Damages' as details from last week's stunning revelation continued to unfold -- in six months time, Tom Shayes is a dead man and now we have a better idea as to why. The only problem with that? There are still eleven episodes left, and assuming this season plays out like the first two, we're gonna have to wait until the last possible second for answers. Fortunately for us, there's plenty of other plots playing out as well.

One of the biggest questions lingering at the end of season two was when Ellen visited her late fiancé David's grave -- she told him she thought she had met someone. At the time, there was the possibility that she was still referring to Wes (Timothy Olyphant) but now it seems as though she may have been referring to Tom. Following the news of his murder, Ellen went to see Tom's widow Deb and Ellen asked her who knew about Tom and her?

Obviously, there are many ways to interpret that. She could have just been referring to how Ellen was working both sides to aid Tom in his vendetta (since he lost his family's money to Louis Tobin via a feeder fund). Or it seems more likely that the stress in Tom's life led to the affair. Remember though -- it's been almost a year since season two. So were they having an affair then as well, it cooled off, and recent events ignited it again? It's probably a safe bet that Ellen isn't the killer but the revelation that Tom was stabbed and drowned coupled with the quiet image of Ellen staring at the water certainly suggests that she might have been there when he perished. Don't forget -- the homeless man had her Chanel purse. Somewhere, at some point in that six month time-line, there's a connection.

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