Jon Stewart Gets a New Hat, and Instantly Turns Into a Republican (VIDEO)

Do clothes make the man? We all know that 'Daily Show' host Jon Stewart is a fairly liberal dude. But what if his Democratic-ness is just based solely on his choice of wardrobe?

On the latest episode of the show (weeknights, 11PM ET on Comedy Central), Jon is visited by guest Dick Armey. By the way -- and just as a side-note -- "Dick Armey" is the most unfortunate name that any person has received in the course of human history.

At any rate, Dick is a pretty hardcore Republican, and a current leader of the "Tea Party" movement. But while he's on the show, he gives Jon a present. It's a cowboy hat that was specifically designed for Ronald Reagan. Jon puts it on -- and the hat has an instant effect on his demeanor. Suddenly, Jon starts ranting about Communism, then starts shooting imaginary guns in the air.

... See? It's just that easy. The divide between being a liberal or conservative is based on nothing more than what type of headgear that you wear.

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