'White Collar' - 'In the Red' Recap

I don't know why, but I wasn't that interested in the case this week. It was one of those episodes that I half watched/half ignored while waiting for the Neal/Peter scenes and Neal/Sara scenes and Mozz scenes.

It did pick up when Neal confronted Donovan (John Larroquette) in the high stakes poker game, but by that time I just wanted that plot to be over so we could get to the nitty-gritty involving the package Neal got from Sara's apartment.

I love how 'White Collar' is staying on the Kate story line. A lot of shows would just toss it aside for the case-of-the-week and not even mention it, but the plane explosion was an important event so it's great to see Mozz still working on it and having it remain something we see in every episode, even if it is just a little bit (though it's usually more than that). It's certainly a balancing act with shows like this. Show too much and you alienate fans who aren't interested too much in the big, on-going story line. Show too little and you alienate fans who grow tired of the case-of-the-week plots. This has enough of both to keep both groups happy.

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