'Community' Episode 19 Recap: The perfect storm

Last night's Community was some kind of magical oddity. The episode was punctuated with Charlie Kaufman-esque moments of ordinary-life surrealism and kooky flashbacks of the subconscious. For some Community fans (and most likely the majority of television viewers), 'Beginner Pottery' may have been too out there. But for me, it was an absolute wonder. I found myself leaning forward, exhilarated by the show's willingness to indulge in its strange fetishes, which I'll get to later in this post. But first, hats off to the episode's writer, Hilary Winston, who also penned Community's first slam dunk, 'Football, Feminism, and You.' Also, kudos to whomever wrote the epic cinematic score, which managed to simultaneously poke fun at the preposterousness of our gang's adventures while also supporting the action on screen. When those violin strings kicked in as Jeff tirelessly struggled to perfect the art of pottery (and, in effect, maintain his own concept of self-worth), it became one of those scenes that, against all reason, simply worked.

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