'FlashForward' Episode 11 Recap: Moving Things Along

The second coming of FlashForward arrived last night, bringing with it an epic story about heaven and hell, angels and demons, and being born again. Agent Mark Benford earned back his wings - errr, I mean shield and job by charging into a mid-level realm of Hades - a closed-up cheese steak restaurant - and liberated kidnapped eggheads Simon Campos and Lloyd Simcoe. The second half of the two-hour spring premiere was a kind of Frankenstein tale, in which not-so-simple Simon revealed himself to be both creation and thrall to a fringe science cabal that nurtured his smarts into monstrous genius and then exploited his brain for their vague, allegedly villainous ends. (When a guy called Flasso says he's a villain, he must be a villain. Right?) However, by story's end, Simon had begun turning the tables on his makers/masters with one of the strangest assassinations seen on TV this season. Simon mounted Flasso's tubby chest and pushed on his emphysema-sick lungs, compressing death into him/life out of him - cardio-pulmonary ruination. Flasso said he was just a middle-man for bigger baddies, and so we must wonder how much Simon truly gained by murdering his 'Uncle Teddy'' - and if indulging his angry black heart cost him more of his soul in the process.

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