FlashForward Episode Recap: "Revelation Zero, Parts 1 and 2"

And we're back! It's been a little bit since FlashForward's last new episode, but I hope everyone is as ready as I am to dive right back into the many questions we have and finally get some answers.

In the beginning, we see a window washer in Los Angeles who narrowly escapes death during the blackout. He has become a motivational speaker and shares how the blackout helped put him a great new path - a turning point (maybe to show how this episode will be a turning point? Just thinking aloud). "None of us are in this alone," he says before musing about hope vs. chaos.

Back in the office, Olivia is questioned by the team about Lloyd's abduction and Stanford officially suspends Mark for his reckless behavior in Hong Kong. Mark must see a therapist three times a week before he can be reinstated. Not one to give up so easily, Mark takes photos of everything from his Mosaic board, but before he exits the building, he sees the video of Lloyd's kidnapping and Olivia and his close embrace. With Mark out on sabbatical, CIA Agent Marshall Vogel officially joins the investigation. Suffice it to say, Demetri is not a happy camper.

With the window washer-turned-motivational speaker in the background, we see a woman wearing angel wings reading who sets a bible on fire. Turns out she's Nicole rather loopy mother, but we only see her for a second.

Back at the Benford house, Mark continues with the investigation and Olivia defends her hug with Lloyd, saying she's happy to know her time with Lloyd is over. She knows she's been cold and distant, but says she'll do anything to save their marriage. With lots of free time on his hands, Mark books with first appointment with the FBI-mandated therapist, but they don't get very far. The therapist, Callie, says she needs to know more about his flashforward, because she believes it holds the key to why Mark feels he has the weight of the world on his shoulders when it comes to the investigation. She recommends he take a drug known to help people with their memories, in hopes it will help Mark remember more of his flashforward.

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