Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 5, Episode 8 - Unification Part 2


Captain Picard confronts Ambassador Spock, demanding an explanation for his actions. Picard maintains professional courtesy, but manages to firmly remind Spock that as his very presence in the Romulan Star Empire poses a grave security risk, the type of "cowboy diplomacy" he is engaged in is not easily tolerated by Starfleet Command. Then he informs the Ambassador of Sarek's demise.

In private, Spock speaks to the Captain about his relationship with Sarek. Picard attempts to convey the feelings of Sarek for his son. Spock responds with typical, detached logic. Changing the subject, Spock reminds the Captain of his Ambassadorial role with the Klingons. He felt personally responsible for the predicament that Kirk and his crew encountered,[6] and was determined not to risk anyone other than himself. Spock reveals that he is working toward a reunification of the Romulan and Vulcan peoples. Picard is taken aback, showing both enthusiasm and caution, yet points out the Ambassador's flaw in logic. Being aware of their mind meld, Spock observes that the Captain has said precisely what Sarek might have said. Picard counters that he is speaking as a concerned Starfleet Officer with a valid point, and will not leave Romulus until Spock has finalized his affairs.

Act 1

On the Klingon Bird of Prey, Data has convinced K'Vada to grant him access to the Klingon's computer. Data is intent on accessing the Romulan information network. In fact he is so persuasive that K'Vada makes a Captain's Notation: "Recommend we study the potential for a Klingon artificial life entity."

Picard and Spock, having just received word of the Senate's adjourn, continue to debate the Romulan-Vulcan Reunification movement. Picard is wary of the notoriously oppressive government suddenly becoming willing to embrace a peace movement. Spock is presenting it more as a grassroots campaign which includes some powerful members. The two are interrupted by a young Romulan boy who shows Spock an ancient book about the separation of the progenitors of both the Romulans and the Vulcans. Pardek joins them soon after, and the group become aware that they are drawing looks. Pardek suggest they reconvene elsewhere. Citing progressive civil elements, it appears that Pardek has arranged a meeting among himself, Proconsul Neral, and Ambassador Spock.

Act 2

With the one lead he had reduced to elementary particles in space, Commander Riker has decided to track down the widow of the deceased captain. She is a very portly, multi-armed alien who sings and plays keyboard in a dive bar. By sweet-talking her, and demonstrating some of his musical prowess, Riker learns of the dead captain's business partner รข€” a fat Ferengi regular who always requests "Melor Famagal".

Back on Romulus, Pardek introduces Spock to Neral. Neral greets Spock in the traditional Vulcan salute, and Pardek withdraws. Neral puts a proposition to Spock, daring to "redraw the face of the quadrant". Though Spock is surprised to hear a Romulan Proconsul sounding like a member of the underground, Neral assures him that the times, the people, and the leaders have changed. They are ready to publicly embrace reunification. Spock cautions that the Vulcans would have to overcome generations of distrust. Their conversation is cut short, as Neral is called in for another session of Senate.

Later in the caves, Spock, Picard, Pardek, and the members of the underground discuss the ramifications of Spock's meeting with Neral. Despite their understandable hope and enthusiasm, Picard points out that "one [does not rise] to the position of Senate Proconsul without the support of the Romulan traditionalists. How can Neral endorse reunification when it is considered subversive?" Spock is forced to agree. Nevertheless, the Ambassador is intent to stay the course. Picard confronts him in private, accusing him of allowing the crowd's emotions to sway his judgement. Spock counters that he believes he is hearing Sarek's influence in the captain's words. Undaunted, the captain points out not only is this the second time that he been accused of speaking with Sarek's voice, but that, although Sarek's experience and spirit shall always be a part of him, Picard speaks with his own voice. Spock acquiesces, noting that perhaps he had brought his argument with Sarek to Picard. In the end, he admits, the arguments were finally all that they had. Spock relates that over the years, he has found instinctual reasoning to be a valuable augment to pure logic. He speculates that if the Romulans do have an ulterior motive, in order to discover their plot, it is best to play the role they would have him play.

Act 3

Aboard the Bird of Prey, Spock is assisting Data in deciphering the Romulan network. As they work, they share an interesting discussion about logic and their varying desires to be, or not to be human.

Meanwhile, Worf has been scouting the dive bar. We cut to him speaking with the bar singer/keyboardist. "Do you know any Klingon Opera?" She plays a theme from "Aktuh and Maylota" which is so riveting that Worf bursts out in song. "MAAAY-LOT-A!!!!" Soon, he is cut off by a fat Ferengi, who requests "Melor Famagal". Worf quietly informs Riker, and an away team is dispatched immediately.

Riker approaches the Ferengi and deals with him, Captain Kirk-style. After a little man-handling, the Ferengi reveals that he had transported the T'Pau components to Galorndon Core, a sector near the Federation-Romulan Neutral Zone.

Act 4

Riker and Picard discuss the developing details over a signal that Data and Spock have modified. It is apparent that a Vulcan ship has been stolen at approximately the same time as the Romulans developed a desire to reunify with their cousins. The signal begins to break up, however Picard manages to order the Enterprise to Galorndon Core before it completely dissipates. Data meanwhile, was able to detect a Romulan Intelligence signal which was transmitted from a position near Galorndon Core. It contained only four digits: "1-4-0-0."

In the caves on the surface, Picard and Data, now out of costume, fill Pardek and Spock in on the message they intercepted. 1400 hours was to be the time that the Proconsul would deliver the public announcement regarding reunification. Linking this with the knowledge of the stolen Vulcan ships, Spock deduces that he is being deceived by Neral. Without warning, Sela and an armed guard appear. Spock concludes that his old friend, Pardek had betrayed the group for political gain. Sela promises that reunification will the form of the Romulan conquest of Vulcan.

Act 5

The Enterprise arrives at Galorndon Core to find...nothing. Riker is extremely wary after Worf receives a text message, apparently originating from Captain Picard, "Maintain position at Galorndon Core. Diplomatic initiative appears to be succeeding. Will advise soon."

In a sterile office on Romulus, Sela sits working on a PADD. Guards escort in Spock, Picard, and Data. Sela informs the group that she is busy working on a speech for Spock to deliver, and laments that she does not get to do it much in her job. Data innocently observes, "Perhaps you would be happier in another job."

Sela reveals that the T'Pau was actually only one of three ships that the Romulans had captured. With it, they plan to fly into Vulcan space under the banner of peace, and land an occupation force before anyone else had time to react. A diversion has also been arranged to keep the Enterprise busy.

Reading the speech, Spock flatly refuses to read the statement in public, to which Sela responds with threatening their lives. With typical Vulcan detachment, Spock concludes that since it is logical that they would be killed in any event, he chooses not to cooperate. Prepared for this contingency, Sela orders the computer to run a simulation of Ambassador Spock, who proceeds to deliver a speech informing the Federation of the Romulan "diplomatic team". Sela excuses herself, and exits to prepare for the mission.

At Galorndon core, the Enterprise begins to track the Vulcan ships, entering Federation space at warp factor 1, on a direct course to Vulcan. Despite the captain's orders, Riker orders an intercept course.

Sela returns to the office to find a trap set by Spock, Data, and Picard using holograms. Data demonstrates the famous Vulcan nerve pinch on Sela. Spock is impressed by the android's ability to perform the move, which is notoriously difficult for non-Vulcans to master. Their enemies subdued, the trio escape.

The Enterprise has just received the distraction mentioned by Sela; a false medical emergency. The ship is just about to alter course, when a transmission from Romulus comes in on all channels. It is Spock, issuing a warning about the incoming invasion fleet.

The Vulcan ships attempts to withdraw, but the Vulcan Defense Forces and the Enterprise cut them off. As soon as it seems that they are caught, a Romulan Warbird decloaks and completely annihilates the small Vulcan ships.

On Romulus, Data and Picard bid farewell to Spock. The Ambassador is intent upon his goal, realizing that it cannot be achieved through diplomacy or politics. He will aid the willing toward a Vulcan-like philosophy, until the day when reunification may be achieved.

A final exchange between Picard and Spock reveals that Spock never chose to meld with Sarek. The Captain offers Spock a chance to touch what Sarek shared with him, and, as the scene comes to an end, the two mind-meld and Ambassador Spock softly cries.

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