Even Bridget Marquardt Can't Watch the New 'Girls Next Door'

Just like her friend and former co-star Holly Madison, the 36-year-old Playboy model Bridget Marquardt isn't too fond of the new batch of stars on The Girls Next Door. Neither of the two is happy about the changes undergone by their reality series, even though they've both moved on from it.

Bridget Marquardt told Inside TV in Beverly Hills last week that she hasn't laid eyes on the show. However, she was already uncomfortable seeing herself in the original program.

"I don't watch it," she said of The Girls Next Door. "I was just weird about watching myself on TV. Now, I don't want to watch it because I feel like it was our thing. And I don't want to go there."

Since building memories with Hugh Hefner on the first installment of the series was what she was known for, it really would be difficult to see someone else doing so. What's more, there are three girls vying for the millionaire's attention now.

Bridget said of Crystal Harris and the Shannon twins, "I don't know them. I have done a few things with Hef they were at, but I don't know them." Well, she isn't really missing much. Holly Madison has already noted how the new trio needs to find their own personalities, not copy what she, Bridget and Kendra have accomplished.

But seeing as how the new Girls Next Door are having a great time on their own, Bridget would rather mind her own business than interfere. She's also hoping that her former co-stars would join her, hinting at how a reunion is possible.

"We have a couple things that we are thinking about doing together, and things going on separately," Marquardt revealed to the publication. "But I don't want to jinx anything yet, nothing official. Reality [TV]-based, definitely. But maybe there is a docu-series being talked about, and also some formatted shows."

Perhaps she can invite Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson to host her show, Bridget's Sexiest Beaches, with her? Bridget went on, "Like hosting Travel Channel type stuff, so we will see. We will see what pans out and is going to be the best in the long run."

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