Showrunner Hints on Kevin and Scotty Story on 'Brothers and Sisters'

With David Marshall Grant taking the helm for Brothers and Sisters, he has to deal with the questions that its fans and the media have for him. Since becoming the new showrunner, he's able to dish on the storylines for this season of the ABC drama. One of these is, of course, the surrogacy plans of characters Kevin and Scotty.

Aside from the Luc-Sarah romance, Kitty's cancer and Nora's new flame, there's the big issue facing the gay couple. Grant teased what's in store for these two on an interview with After Elton, and it looks as though things will be getting even more interesting soon.

Grant announced that Kevin (Matthew Rhys) and Scotty (Luke Macfarlane) will definitely be focusing on the surrogacy. "Surrogacy is going to be a big factor for them this season," the showrunner revealed. "We're going to follow the natural progression of it, and the drama of it, and the ups and downs of surrogacy."

He also hinted at how long it might take for the two to decide. "We're going to try to take it in a time appropriate pace in our story. I think it'll be with us for the whole rest of the season."

Though the couple has already picked a surrogate, as seen on season 4's sixth episode, there are still a number of processes they have to go through. David Marshall Grant explained that Kevin and Scotty still have to pick an egg donor, harvest the egg, etc.

"It's just so many steps in that journey," he said. "We want to really mine and honor all the steps along the way when you try for surrogacy."

As for who might be the donor, the only thing the showrunner could say was this: "I think one of the fun things about egg donors is that you can get them at an egg donor bank, so you go online, the egg donor or surrogacy center data bank you choose them from, where they are harvested from, is online, so it's just a fun, interesting way of choosing who will technically be the mother of your child."

While the identity of the donor is still vague with regards to the Brothers and Sisters storyline, we can be sure that the writers have something intriguing planned. Scotty's going to have his own spot in the limelight, and with the baby coming, the drama's sure to pull in the fans once more.

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