Ugly Betty: Vanessa Williams Finds Claire-Willy Rivalry "Tasty"

There's plenty of comic relief on ABC's Ugly Betty, and one of the highlights of the show is the banter between the antagonist and her own rival. Actress Vanessa Williams believes that her character's growth in the show has been emphasized thanks to Claire Meade (Judith Light), and there's just no stopping these two women.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, the star who plays the wily Wilhelmina Slater revealed her feelings towards the personal challenge her character always has to face - Claire. "This season we've had some great stuff with Wilhelmina and Claire going back and forth, which is always tasty, because it's two women of a certain age," Williams said.

"Willy is basically calling Claire a corpse on a daily basis, and Claire retorts with 'You scheming, conniving bitch,' which is the reality," she continued.

Having earned several Emmy nominations for her Ugly Betty role, the 46-year-old expressed her appreciation for the people behind-the-scenes. "Our writers are brilliant," Williams exclaimed. "I never know what's going to come out of my mouth. And the people I get to play with are amazing!"

Speaking of what's coming out of her character's mouth, the actress hinted at an Ugly Betty scene that's surely going to be a hoot to witness. "We're about to shoot a scene, I think it's for episode 11, and I'm tempting Becki Newton's character with all this couture, luring her like the evil queen in Snow White," Williams explained.

"I say to her, 'Amanda, is Amanda right?' After four years, she still doesn't realize it's her name!"

Despite the strength of the writing, the actress still believes that Wilhelmina's own self-assurance is what's keeping her on top. "A lot of the stance, the carriage, and the facial expressions are where the real power lies. That's what makes Wilhelmina great," the actress went on. "Sometimes it's just a look or a sigh or a roll of the eyes or a turn of the back, and that's weighted enough."

She may already be doing four seasons of the show so far, but nothing will slow her down, especially with all that's going on with Wilhelmina. Vanessa Williams declared, "It's been my favorite role of a lifetime, and I truly enjoy coming to work every day."

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