Recap: "Missing"

"It's all about family." While we've come to expect that sentiment from watching the wacky Walkers for three seasons, it was somewhat shocking to hear those words come from the mouth of none other than Holly. But in this episode, it was indeed all about family: Nora & Co. banded together to help an AWOL Tommy through his legal messes, Holly decided to focus on the "bigger picture" of Rebecca and David, and Ryan proved he was only playing nice with the Walkers to get more intel about how and why his mother died. Add in a lot of talk about burping, cancer patients and downright lying, and you have a pretty awesome hour of television. On with the recap!

Any episode that starts with a Walker family meeting shows lots of promise. While Nora believes Justin and Kevin have gathered their siblings to donate a big check to Nora's cancer center - which she's finally opening - they have to deliver much worse news: Tommy has disappeared, having taken off during their trip to Mexico. The boys take the blame for being stupid and irresponsible, but they all agree to keep this quiet from Holly and the prosecution. Nora, however, heads out to read the letter Tommy wrote Julia and to plead with her to tell Tommy to come home should he call. Unfortunately, Julia would rather Tommy stay out of her life. Strike one. But Nora remains undeterred, noting that she refuses to "pretend there's nothing we can do."

Meanwhile at the McCallister household, Robert takes the news of Tommy's vanishing act really hard. But only because it might hurt his campaign for governor. When Robert goes so far as to suggest it's a good thing Kitty may never see her brother again, Kitty storms off to the park. Enter attractive single father who has tons of handy tips for burping gassy babies. Turns out Mr. Burpcloth first met little Evan when he was at the park with Nora, but he feels like he knows enough about Kitty - her old TV show and new book - to strike up a conversation. As dazzling as baby-vomit conversation can be, Kitty is none too thrilled to be pulled away from it when Robert calls to make nice. He apologizes, and even decides to make a speech at Nora's opening, filling in for a last-minute cancellation from whatever Idol knockoff they watch in Walkerland.

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