Recap: "A Spark. To Pierce the Dark"

Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives is full of nasty shocks, according to Mary Alice. Susan has an unwelcome visitor at school. Bree surprises herself by making a life-defining choice of her career over her marriage. Carlos' new job has unexpected consequences for both Lynette and Gaby. Edie learns the truth about Yellow Satan. And Katherine's shock comes via Dave's shotgun.


Ye Olde Newspaper Clipping Office finally gets around to faxing — faxing! — Edie the article that reveals that Mike and Susan collided with Yellow Satan's late family. But Edie is out of fax paper! So she doesn't get the message that is stored on her antiquated plot device. (Hello! Email? Fax interface? Who uses fax paper anymore?).

The friendship between Edie and Mrs. McCluskey is one of the nice details among this strong ensemble; I totally get it. They share a certain shorthand that involves a lot of good-natured, though barbed ribbing. But when Karen makes fun of Dave for going camping — "How fun! Enjoying the great outdoors, gutting a bunch of teenage kids on prom weekend, good for him!" she chides — Edie shuts her down by filling her in on his tragic history. This moves Karen, as we learn that she too has lost a child, so no wonder he's such a creepy psycho. (Also: Nicollette Sheridan looks insanely skinny in this scene.) To apologize, Karen invites Edie over for drinks, which prevents her from loading the damn paper in the fax machine. It beeps a forlorn song that echoes through the empty Williams house like bagpipes over the Scottish moors.


Mary-Alice tells us Dave's simple plan: to shoot Katherine and make it look like the work of illegal hunters. Spookily, we see how his plan would play out, including the felling of Katherine, which surely means this is not at all how it will go down at all.

The next morning, things are going according to plan, when... Dave's cellphone rings. Edie has sent a text-message (Why not send a postcard, Edie? Or a carrier pigeon? Or a fax, hmm?) that says: "I know everything. Come home now. Edie." This cramps Dave's marksman style, and when he pulls the trigger, he misses. He covers for his blunder, but Mike and Katherine are so spooked they just want to go home. Poor Dana Delany. I hope next season is better to her.

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