Recap: Episode 8.4

Previously on The Celebrity Apprentice, the women's team won again. The men's team realized that Dennis contributes more when he has a vodka cranberry in hand. Tom Green was fired due to his lack of leadership skills.

This week, we pick up right where we left off. Dennis comes into the room to meet the rest of the contestants. Clint Black tells the men team that they all need to work harder on submitting to their project manager. I spot some Trump Vodka in the back. Nice. Clint Black tells Dennis Rodman that if he was his employee, he would have forced him to bring a doctor's note.

Donald Trump reveals the next challenge to the teams. They will be presenting the release of the new ACN videophone. Annie and Clint step up to decide which team will present first. Clint wins the coin toss. As he starts celebrating the win, Dennis Rodman starts to lay into him about taking over without being asked. At first, Annie thinks he's joking but she soon realizes that Dennis is very, very serious. Everyone's in shock as Dennis gets right up into Clint Black's face and continues to yell about this being a team game and then he storms off.

In the car, Clint Black tells them he believes Dennis was never going to hurt him. Jesse James asks whether or not they should call Dennis Rodman. Brian McKnight says no because they don't need to have someone baby sit Dennis all day. Athena meets with the Account Executives of ACN. They tell the girls they want an exciting launch to convince people this is the way of the future. They tell the men that the emotional appeal of the exciting launch is the most important aspect.

Jesse James points out that product launches are a spectacle and requests that Brian McKnight throws a concert. Or rather sings a song? I'm not sure. Clint Black doesn't sound too excited abut the idea. Jesse also comes up with the idea to connect with the troops. They need to travel fifty miles to WestPoint to film it and Clint doesn't want to go but Brian agrees.

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