Meaty 'Life Unexpected' Spoilers You'd Want to Know

Or not.

TV Guide has recently let loose a bunch of spoilers on the CW's Life Unexpected. Most are crucial to the show's storylines, so if you want to continue enjoying your show without these pesky spoilers, you know what to do.

However, if you simply can't wait to find out some stuff - such as, will Ryan (Kerri Smith) find out about the little Cate-Baze action in the pilot, will Lux (Britt Robertson) finally accept the whole family dynamic, will Lux break up with Bug, what will happen in the finale, etc. - then everything's under the jump.

For starters, "crumble" is the theme of Life Unexpected's inaugural run, says Smith.

"It just gets really crazy. Cate's (Shiri Appleby) world breaks down, due to her own making. By Episode 4 [which aired last night] it starts to get a little nuts... [Something happens that makes] Lux leaves, boom, Ryan leaves, boom."

When this happens, Cate will start to feel "humbled" by the choices that she made in the past, including and maybe even specially the little drunken reunion with her high school sweetheart.

Does this mean that Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) can re-enter the picture?

"Cate and Baze have one of those love-hate relationships where you really do like that person, want their approval and want it to be good, but at the same time, it's just so easy to hate them," reveals Polaha himself. "Baze's thing with Cate is 'I just want to pinch your cheeks and kiss you.'"

If the adults are messed up, how about Lux and Bug? Unfortunately, somewhere down the line Lux "ends up being in a different place" than Bug (but this is not television/life is something like this didn't happen, on second thought). The question is, whether or not their love can help them weather through this storm.

As far as Robertson is concerned, all she knows is that "[Lux and Bug] have been together and they love each other" and "a relationship like that just doesn't dissolve."

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