It's David Cook's Turn to Return to the Stage

American Idol this year has seen former contestants return to the stage every results night - we've seen Kelly Clarkson on week one, Carrie Underwood on (predictably) week two, and (still sweaty) Ruben Studdard on week three. This week, it's the turn of last year's winner, David Cook, taking a break from his nationwide tour to perform live on the American Idol stage on Wednesday night.

It's going to be a pretty hectic week for Cook; his Idol performance will be sandwiched between two stops on his Declaration Tour, held in Southern Connecticut State University and Wilmington University, in North Carolina, respectively. (That's two coast-to-coast plane flights. Eeep.) The performance coincides with the release of his latest single, Come Back To Me, today.

Also performing on Wednesday night is Lady GaGa, that eternally made-up girl who broke out the charts with her electropop ditty Just Dance. (Insert a seriously terrible pun - will Cook just dance, too? Oh, never mind.) She's expected to perform her latest singer, Pokerface, which itself is settling to a good spot on the charts.

So what's this week's theme going to be? The past weeks have seen former Idols perform, depending on what the week's theme is. (Well, perhaps Kelly Clarkson is an exception, because I can't exactly see a connection between her and Michael Jackson). I've heard that this week, the contestants will perform iTunes chart-toppers -which is, if true, somewhat of a dismay. Where's the challenge in there? But it does tie in - Cook has, after all, seen many of his songs hit iTunes gold, from his cover of (and what I think is the forever ubiquitous) Always Be My Baby to his second single Light On. And the same goes for Lady GaGa.

Hah, we'll only know when we get to the song predictions within the week. If it was that easy to predict.

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