Fringe: It's All About Family (And A Dysfunctional One At That)

I just watched Fringe's winter finale. It took a while, I know. I figured that with the eight-week hiatus, I might as well delay watching Thursday night's episode a bit; the episodes preceding it were just so good, I knew I couldn't wait that long. I ended up watching earlier today, rather than holding out for another week or so.

We've always known that the Peter we're seeing is from the alternate universe, that our Walter nabbed him after the death of the original Peter. It's the one major reveal I expected to see at the end of this season, not halfway through it. Imagine the possibilities of the gang realizing that their connections to the imminent catastrophic collision between two worlds is much bigger and goes way beyond Walter's knowledge and experiments. It's someone they've been working with! It's Peter!

More questions have been raised now that Olivia knows that Peter is from the alternate universe. Nope, I'm not thinking about the end game; there's been some speculation about who from the other side is responsible for the imminent war between worlds, but I'm not going there. Fringe stood out for me because of the deep connections between the main cast: the strained father-son relationship between Walter and Peter, the budding romance between Peter and Livy, and Livy's childhood as a subject of Walter's cortexiphan experiments. Seeing how these connections affect their work with the Fringe Division has been fascinating, perhaps more fascinating than the cases themselves. So, with Fringe's return early in April, Livy's discovery will be absolutely critical.

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