Oh, Celia

Last week's America's Next Top Model had one of those moments that will go down in Top Model history. It will be something that is replayed on clip show after clip show. A moment that will be referred to by fans as a pinnacle of Top Model drama. I am, of course, speaking of Celia's attempted Top Model mutiny at judge's panel.

It's all Top Model fans are talking about: was Celia in the right or wrong telling Tyra that Tahlia had said she wanted to leave the competition? 355 of you have voted in a BuddyTV poll on that very topic, with 72% of you saying that Celia was "way out of line" for bringing up Tahlia's negative comments at panel. Only 28% of you said that "someone had to" bring up Tahlia's comments to Tyra.

My feelings about Celia's comments to Tyra aren't so cut and dry. On one hand, she should have realized there was no way Tyra was going to completely reverse her decision and go from Tahlia winning that week's photo shoot to kicking her out of the competition. On the other hand, if you've watched any previous cycle of Top Model, as Celia obviously has, you know that at times Tyra has cared more about wanting to be America's Next Top Model, than performance. Still, I was personally disappointed in Celia's behavior, just because it's the only thing that she's done all cycle that I haven't loved her for.

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