"Single" Jon Gosselin Spends Thanksgiving with Grandma, Not Hailey

If there's one woman in Jon Gosselin's life that won't abandon him, it's his grandmother. Initially, the patriarch of TLC's Jon and Kate Plus 8 was invited at his girlfriend's home for Thanksgiving. Now that they've decided to call it quits (sort of), the reality star is no longer welcome to share Hailey Glassman's turkey.

On a video released by X17 Online and acquired by Us Weekly, the father of eight expressed his Thanksgiving plans this year. He confirmed that he won't be with his kids for that holiday, because it's Kate's designated time to stay with them in Pennsylvania.

So what's Jon Gosselin going to do this Thanksgiving now? "I won't be home," the star told the cameras. "I'm going to my grandma's."

Well, maybe the kids aren't too keen on having their father over. Turkey jokes aside, Jon Gosselin hasn't really been treating the children that well. On the final episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8, we saw him getting annoyed after Mady and Cara told him they liked Kate more. It definitely was a blow to this guy's ego.

As the Gosselins were making signs for their lemonade sale, one of the twins told Jon: "I like the stuff we do with Mommy better." He then retorted bitterly afterwards.

"I'm throwing your posters in the garbage and you'll stay home with a baby-sitter while the rest of us go sell lemonade," he told the twins. "OK, you're done. Goodbye."

The twins aren't the only ones shying away from Jon Gosselin. There's also the case with Hailey Glassman, since this withdrawal of the Thanksgiving invitation seems to have sealed the couple's breakup.

Jon Gosselin has already announced in a Hollywood.com video that his relationship with Hailey is no more. "I'm single," he said, in the plainest way possible. Well, that's how he's going to spend his Thanksgiving then - no kids, no Kate, no Hailey.

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