Lost Star Weighs In on Latest Twist

SPOILER ALERT: The following news story contains spoilers from this week's episode of Lost.

Jin's Fate Revealed: Lost Star Weighs In on Latest Twist

Rivaling Locke's reaction upon running into a twentysomething Charles Widmore on the island, Lost's Jin is in the midst of a double-take of his own, having been fished out of the drink, alive, by a young Danielle Rousseau. Asked to weigh on his character's twist-filled reintroduction, Daniel Dae Kim tells us, "I was happy with the way they did that, for sure!"

Jin now is left to piece together for himself what - and when - is going on here. Is his English good enough to communicate with his rescuers and fashion some answers? "That is a very interesting question," says Kim. "Watching Jin's journey with English over the next few episodes will be ... very interesting."

Jin's wife, Sun - as well as many Lost fans who should know better by now - presumed him dead when the freighter exploded with him seemingly on it. And that's how the Lost bosses wanted it. Ergo, they purposely omitted Kim from the Season 5 cast photo.

Participating in the months-long deception was no biggie for Kim. "They assured me from the beginning that it didn't mean anything more than exactly what it was - a ruse," he says. "I just kept my head down, did my work and let them worry about that stuff."

Now that's he's "officially" back, Kim will be digitally re-inserted into the aforementioned publicity photo. "At least that's what I'm being told will happen," he says with a laugh. "I mean, I was at that shoot."

Coming soon in this week's "Getting Lost" video: Daniel Dae Kim shares what's going through Jin's mind right now, having just met a young Rousseau. Plus: The actor reveals what Jin will do this season that he hasn't really done before.

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