Supenatural Season 5, Episode 19 Recap: "Hammer of the Gods"

Pagan gods trap Sam and Dean and use them as bargaining chips in their quest to defeat Lucifer and circumvent the apocalypse. According to these gods, if anyone's going to end life on Earth, it's going to be them. A couple brothers not named Sam and Dean have a long awaited confrontation and it doesn't end well for a much beloved character in the Supernatural universe. And just before "Hammer of the Gods" calls it a night, a new Horseman is introduced.

"Hammer of the Gods" is decidedly less angsty than the past several episodes even though it does deal with the apocalypse. Anytime you've got Richard Speight Jr. back and in action, it's going to be a pretty funny hour of TV. "HOTG" also takes a different look at the apocalypse. I really enjoyed seeing these pagan deities and they're stance on the "Judeo-Christian apocalypse" that's currently plaguing the earth. Supernatural constantly keeps me on my toes because I admittedly know very little about some of the various mythological and religious aspects covered on the show. This time around we're introduced to more gods who used to have all the fame and are very bitter about not having it anymore. They include:

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