'Big Brother 12's' Rachel: 'I'm a hustler! I am going to hustle the 'Big Brother' house guests'

VIP Vegas cocktail waitress/chemistry graduate student Rachel Reilly is one of the "Big Brother 12" hamsters. Find out what her hustler strategy is for the game and more!

When asked why she wants to go on "Big Brother," Rachel says, "I love 'Big Brother" I am probably one of the No. 1 fans ... I'm really competitive and I have so many facets to my personality and I watch the show and I'm like, 'I could be that person, I know what I would do!' and I think I could win."

So who is her fave competitor of all time? "Janelle. I love her! She's cute, she's fun, she's super-competitive ... You're going to see a lot of Rachel trying to be Janelle."

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