'CSI: Miami' Season Premiere Video Preview: "I Don't Want You To Do It"

CBS has released a short clip off the season premiere of CSI: Miami, and obviously, I thought I'd share it with you. Nothing really groundbreaking here: just Horatio talking to a comatose Delko, being emotional and all that, mentioning Marisol and basically begging him to fight everything and wake up.

Sorry, folks, it seems we won't be getting a peek at the deliciously vintage look that this episode will show. Remember, we will be transported to 1997, way before the current crime lab was born. (You can, of course, check the photos here before all that.)

But maybe they actually showed it. The frustrating thing with watching this video is that it seems to cut off halfway through, so all I know is what I just told you earlier: Horatio going emotional over a loved colleague. There's still a good minute or so, but the ads always cut in--and, as it turns out, the actual copy they're giving out also cuts in the middle, so I haven't really got much choice.

So, if you're watching this video, and the folks at CBS manage to fix it and you watch the latter half of the video, could you tell me, please? I'd really appreciate it. That said, the video's embedded below (or you can click here), and jot down CSI: Miami's season premiere, on September 21 from 10pm, somewhere where you can easily spot it.

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