Christopher Nolan Discusses INCEPTION, 3D, But Not BATMAN 3, at the Hero Complex Film Festival

Day two of the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Film Festival in Hollywood put director Christopher Nolan on display. The director's 2002 film Insomnia and 2008 masterpiece The Dark Knight both screened and the man himself showed up for an extended Q&A between movies.

The one downside to the evening was that the words Batman 3 were not uttered once. It was almost as if the host, LA Times writer Geoff Boucher, wasn't allowed to say them. Other than that, though, Nolan proved he is a highly intelligent and articulate filmmaker who has really grown from his second film to his latest. We learned some news about Inception (it's about one week from being totally done), Nolan's thoughts on 3D (he prefers post conversion) and a whole bunch of other stuff.

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