Dexter Preview: Sins of the Father

It's hard to imagine the father from My Three Sons in a mess like this. TV's newest widowed dad, Dexter Morgan, has left his kids at home to get the goods on a suspect he thinks may be a murderer. If that's true, Dex will probably have to kill the guy, just as he's offed 60-odd other psychos since the Showtime series began in 2006. Of course, Dexter himself might be the next casualty if he keeps the kids and their new nanny waiting much longer.

"It's definitely not easy balancing single fatherhood with the sort of affliction Dexter has," Michael C. Hall says with wry amusement on the set in Los Angeles, where Season 5 finds his character dealing with the aftermath of his wife Rita's death. In case you missed the most jaw-dropping twist in Dexter history, here's what went down in last season's finale: Just when Dexter finally did away with Arthur Mitchell (Emmy winner John Lithgow), the Trinity Killer, he came home to find Rita (Julie Benz) dead in a bathtub of blood. Their 6-month-old son, Harrison, saw the whole thing - just as Dexter had watched his own mother get murdered. "It was very chilling and extremely sad, both because of what Dexter was going through and what it signified for Harrison, but also because we were sad to say goodbye to Julie," Hall says.

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