PRETTY LITTLE LIARS "To Kill a Mocking Girl" Review Episode 3

This week's PRETTY LITTLE LIARS episode was aptly titled "To Kill a Mocking Girl" as we learned that Alison loved to mock people, including her supposed friends. In fact, after watching this episode I have decided that Alison was a very cruel girl.

Although "To Kill a Mocking Girl" was not as fast paced and thrilling as last week's episode, it did reveal some tidbits of information while, of course, raising even more questions. What would a thriller be without a little mystery, right?

So let's start with what we learned. Toby Cavanaugh, the alleged peeping Tom (or Toby as it may be) from last week is actually Jenna's brother. Toby rescued Jenna from the fire and took the fall for setting it. He also saved Emily in a rather dramatic fashion. Was anyone else left wondering how Emily's boyfriend went from good guy to possible rapist in under 30 seconds? We also learned that Toby was coerced into taking the fall for the fire by none other than Alison who threatened him with exposing something about him to everyone. If one thing is for sure, Alison was truly the keeper of all secrets. Too bad it seems she only used them for her own self-serving reasons.

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