'Big Love' - 'Next Ticket Out' Recap Season 4, Episode 8

The season is winding down and usually the plot endings that come to a predictable end do so just before the big shockers do. And that's what happened this week.

However, the surprise, one of many to come I'm sure, wasn't within the plot or the behavior of the characters or even the duality between good and evil of some of the supporting players in our little bigamy tragedy. It's the emotional reaction to the characters' connections and their endurance to endure that sneaks up on you and knocks your block off as you stand there all smug and self-aware that you were able to predict the ending. And it should. A show like this about much more than its plotlines and story shockers.

Of course, leading up to that great heartfelt and touching ending were some huge speed bumps along the way. The melodrama turned up to 11 in some scenes such as Bill and Margie's argument at the casino and Bill's big showdown with Marilyn, played in a very sweet-yet-sinister tone by the usually sweet Sissy Spacek.

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