How I Met Your Mother Season 5, Episode2: "Double Date" - Recap

In this week's episode, Ted goes on a blind date only to realize he already met the same girl on a blind date seven years earlier. Things didn't go so well last time, but Ted's supposedly a different guy now. Will he have better luck the second time around?

We open with split screens of 2002 Ted (sporting the goatee!) and 2009 Ted getting ready for their dates. Future Ted informs us that his routine was pretty much the same, and he's not wrong - the shots of both Teds grooming are more or less identical. Both Teds arrive at their date's apartment; 2002 Ted casually unfastens the top button on his shirt while 2009 Ted hastily fastens the same button on his shirt. Both Teds meet their date, Jen. 2002 Jen has straight hair and bangs; 2009 Jen is much more put together, with wavy hair and an absolutely knockout blue dress. Neither 2009 Ted nor 2009 Jen recall meeting each other earlier.

At McLaren's, Barney tells Robin, Marshall and Lily that he has four tickets to the Origins of Chewbacca Star Wars exhibit. Naturally, Marshall is beyond excited, but the girls are uninterested - Robin snarks that it's a bit early in their relationship to talk about something that's so incredibly uncool that it would end their relationship - so it turns into a guy's night out.

Once they leave the bar, Barney tells Marshall that they're not going to the Star Wars exhibit after all - he just wanted to get rid of the girls so he could take Marshall to the Lusty Leopard. Barney explains that since he and Robin got together, he's learned a lot about relationships by watching Marshall and Lily. Specifically, he's learned that Lily has taken all of the manliness out of Marshall. Marshall asks if Robin would be okay if she knew Barney was at a strip club. Barney, who probably has not forgotten the Thanksgiving dinner he shared with Robin and Ted at the same strip club four years ago, figures Robin would be totally cool with it and maybe even join him.

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