'Smallville' - 'Conspiracy' Recap Season 9, Episode 14

The other night episode started with a callback to last week's destruction of the solar towers by Clark. Then it turned into your average 80's horror flick combined with one of the 'Saw' movies.

One of the rules of casting for this show must be that every male character must be able to look good without a shirt. Both Oliver and Zod did just that in this episode. Zod looked good for a soldier that has been in battle and taken shrapnel while leading his army of American Apparel models. Krypton must have a great H.M.O.

Who else predicted the ending other than me? More on that after the jump.

It was telegraphed that Clark's blood, once it healed him up instantly, would activate Zod's Kryptonian powers. Even worse, he's already figured out how to fly. Whatever is keeping Clark from flying is psychological. That settles who the opposing sides will be in the season's final showdown. The question is, what role will Checkmate play?

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Mar 3, 2010 6:40AM EST

Yeah, its becoming anoying! I'm thinking of cheering for Zod. I mean will he ever learn how to fly?! And of course Zod can use all powers instantly , only Clark will continue trying to talk his way out of problem.

Default avatar cat

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Mar 4, 2010 7:04PM EST

Is anyone else getting annoyed at Clark being such an idiot. As much as I like Smallville you would think his character, expecially considering he should be getting closer to becoming Superman, would show some growth?
It seems every season there is an episode which deals with him telling the world his secret, it all going wrong, undoing it and realising he can't and then doing it again. Now, this season he is repeating his mistakes of last season by not killing or stopping Zod like he did nothing to Doomsday. Then Jimmy was killed and he went all moody because he realised he needed to be less 'human' and make these hard decisions and yet here we are again?
It just seems stupid that people like Chloe and Oliver always know the right thing and yet he, the hero, never does.
And yeah that ending was really obvious. As soon as the blood thing happened I clicked and the death of that bad guy was ridiculous. After what has been a good season so far this episode was a bit of a let down.

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