'Big Brother 11' Feed Update: HoH Goes Bananas and He's Not even Banana Boy

Those who've read about the recent nominations and the PoV competition are mostly outraged at the decisions made by HoH Jessie. We're all wondering why in the world he put up Michele and Jordan when they've hardly done a thing to him. He didn't even explain himself after the keys were given out.

Going over the live feeds, I've come across several discussions regarding the choices made by this bodybuilder so far. From his general feelings of discomfort and "strategic" usage of pawns, here's why Jessie could turn the acronym HoH to mean Horrendously Oafish Hulk.

Possible spoilers below!

Jessie has put the Braniac Michele and sweet ol' Jordan on the block this week, which is definitely a questionable move. Everyone was out to eliminate the rat Ronnie, but Jessie chose to keep him safe this week. Now he's acting smug, much to our dismay.

Over the weekend, Casey has been repeating "I'm sure Jessie's not that stupid!" to those who would listen. There weren't many, because his statement is obviously flawed on so many levels.

To prove that he really deserved to win the HoH position, Jessie has come up with a plan. Sort of. He warned Russell and the rest of NBK not to obligate him to put up people, because he wants to act in a way that benefits the alliance. Meaning, he wants to serve himself.

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