Zone, Marry or Kill?

Smallville presented three very different ways of dealing with the Doomsday scenario last night, with Clark, Chloe and Oliver all taking very different stands on the issue. Should he be captured, saved, or killed? It's an interesting question, and one that the fans are most split on.

We asked Smallville fans which way of dealing with Davis Bloom they agree with, and it's a virtual three-way tie, proving that these moral questions aren't just black and white.

Clark's Method: Trap Davis in the Phantom Zone (35 percent)

Clark is opposed to killing Davis, preferring to trap him in the Phantom Zone. This comes from his die-hard belief that murder is wrong, even when it comes to psychotic aliens. Perhaps their Kryptonian bond is also what's keeping Clark from siding with Oliver. However, if this show has taught us anything, it's that this plan is faulty because the bad guys are always able to escape the Phantom Zone.

Chloe's Method: Save Davis (26 percent))

Luckily fans seem least interested in this idea, where Chloe believes that she can help keep Doomsday in remission by always being around Davis. It's likely that the final scene of the episode helped convert some doubters, as Chloe explained she wasn't doing this because she's in love with Davis but because it will help protect Clark. Actually, I'd be surprised if anyone could follow her convoluted logic, because I honestly don't understand what was going through her head.

Oliver's Method: Kill Davis (39 percent)

The most popular method (and my personal favorite), Oliver is a practical man who is the only one with enough distance from the Kryptonian mythology to be objective about Davis Bloom. He knows how dangerous Doomsday is and he knows that locking something like that up in the Phantom Zone isn't enough, so he wants Clark to kill Davis.

It's a bit severe, and it's true that a man who had Lex Luthor killed in cold blood might not be the sanest person when it comes to dealing with villains, but still, Oliver is right. Doomsday is bad news, and in order to make an omelet, you need to break a few eggs. Davis is one of those eggs, and the safety of the world is the omelet.

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